Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I really appreciate quieter days after days like today

This day was like freaky bipolar. Yay! Max's hearing is just fine! Boo-the super sweet physical therapist tried to kill me (why do I insist on believing her when she says, "a little discomfort.") and then I lost my car. And then I found it. And then the parking garage guy said, "Merry Christmas, I'll cover your missing 93 cents" but he said it like, "get out of my face, you disgust me, you irresponsible nimrod." And I would have given ANYTHING to have found a dollar somewhere in the car then, but I only had Lion cash and a credit card, so I had to drive away feeling like the ice scum in my wheel wells. Then I drove to my research site and there were exactly the right number of people who have agreed to participate in my research, which was half the number that we had planned, but which in the end, felt perfect. I drove home and then straight to the middle school to pick up the twins to go to swimming, which we did, right after we got someone to help me start the car with jumper cables. I got Chris a Yay! cake and then picked up the twins again and got them home for a bite to eat before the concert back at the middle school. The music was awesome. We have the most amazing music programs in State College and our kids completely benefit from it. But also? The pain from the PT earlier in the day. By the time I got home I was exhausted. Too exhausted to get up from my chair when Chris started Monsters University at 9:30 pm. I'm going to have to just float from one of the pool to the other in the morning. I hope Jill is driving. I hope tomorrow is not so exciting.