Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's a Mad Life. A Good Life, but a Crazy One

My brother-in-law is in the process of raising funds for a black box theatre in Columbia, Missouri. He is a busy guy. In an earlier version he did spontaneous Shakespeare. He had to cut it, but it's too much fun to miss.

I ran my PAC meeting Monday night. We approved the purchase of new swings for the school and the purchase of two urns for coffee and hot water. That was fun.

We interrupt this blog for breaking news! Chris has a new job!! He starts January 2nd in the management team of a local furniture company! He got the Offer yesterday but there were questions to be asked and he has signed the revised offer! We'll have new, better, GOBS cheaper health insurance WITH OUR SAME DOCTORS on January 1st!

Please. Everybody get up OUT of your chairs and dance with me!

Our new totally out of debt (except for the 1st mortgage) goal: December 2009. That's HELOC, car loan, and all. We hope to have everything except the HELOC killed in one year. No new toys! No shopping sprees for us! We won't be going out and getting cable. (Although we will probably buy more vegetables. What is wrong with this planet? Why are tomatoes more expensive than beef?) In 2008 we're buying back our FREEDOM.


Aunt Charlotte said...

YEA!!!! Congrats Chris! does he get 1/1/08 off as a paid holiday? I did that once.

Ann - Griffin's Mom said...

Woo-hoo!!! My heart is singing for Chris and the whole family. That is so exciting because the stress just lifts away. Way to go!

I remember when Michael was laid off when Griff was in the hospital. It maks for heavy hearts all around.

Between that and the Baptism, there are just so many wonderful things that have come to your lives. So we're doing the happy dance out here in the Bay Area.


Writing and Living said...


Dy said...

Oh, AMEN!! That's a good feeling, isn't it? What an awesome family you guys are, you know that? You're. Just. Awesome.

Cheering you on,