Friday, February 29, 2008

POW! It's Been a Week

And what a week it's been.

I got slammed with work. And while I was having to cancel things left and right, there were things I just didn't feel I could and so I did all those things, too. (One was the teacher appreciation breakfast at the school this morning for which the boys and I got up at 6am. But as ready as they all were to go to bed early, they--especially Max--really had fun helping.)

I'm still slammed, but I have to stop and sleep tonight before getting up and starting all over again. It's snowing like the dickens. Max got on the phone and found a friend to go skiing with tomorrow afternoon. This made me happy. Tomorrow afternoon is my last lace knitting class. Mental note: no more doubling up on knitting classes. One knitting class in a month is fun. Two is a job and it doesn't pay nearly enough.

A lot happened this week. We found a treasurer for the PAC. I had a ton of fun reading poems with the second graders. I had the last session of the "Wellness" experiment I've been participating in at Penn State (I know, I haven't blogged about that at all. Ask me later. It was food for thought. Literally.) I got terribly behind in dishes and further behind in laundry. If the propane people don't show up this coming Wednesday I'll have been without a way to dry my clothes for over two weeks. They keep skipping me and saying, "oops." I'd just have them come get my tank and get a new company--but I don't want to pay the horrific deposit on a new tank.

And it's snowing again. So beautiful. I hope it's the snow that comes right before the big warm up and the crocuses.


Dy said...

What a week, is right! *whew* I'm pooped just reading about it.

Sorry to hear about the propane. We're ready to ditch our company, too - namely b/c they inevitably do not put the fittings together properly after they refill our tank. It leaks. every. single. time. Ya know, at nearly $4/gal. I sure as heck don't appreciate having to go down there in the cold w/ the soapy water and then having to fiddle w/ the fittings, just so I don't lose my liquid gold. GAH. But, I guess at least my guys show up... silver lining and all that. I hope they remember you this week!

Get some rest. Know you're thought of. (And I'd love to hear about the Wellness Study!)


The Queen said...

A leak! :::slaps head::: Dy, I am totally going to go out there with the soapy water the next time he comes because we only got a refill a few months ago and we only use the propane to heat the garage and run the dryer. Well, I'm not washing any more clothes than normal (I wash a lot of clothes, but it's not like we've added a new family member or anything this year.) and Chris is using LESS heat, not more, so why did we RUN OUT when we've never run out before?!?

Anyway, I'm going to check the fittings after the next time he fills it up.