Monday, April 14, 2008


On Chris' blog are some new pictures of the twins.

They desperately need haircuts, but I wanted photos of the boys in the vests that my Aunt Charlotte made them, the vest I made Milo from the yarn my grandmother bought me, and the sweater set I made for the twinks out of the yarn Prairie Silk.

With the exception of the plain blue vest, these sweaters are now up for "hand me down" as the twins have been growing at an alarming rate. To get these photos, I did some serious blocking. They are all about a 4T/5T.

I want them to go to Moms who don't mind hand washing, who will understand that all of these will need the occasional depilling, and who will love them for me in abstentia (sp?). They are all basically wool, and fine wool at that. (The Prairie silk obviously has a high silk content, too.)

I'm willing to split up the sets. You don't have to be a relative. Although for the vests, preference will go to relatives who show interest. (And if you're a relative, you don't have to have a kid or be pregnant yet if you just promise not to make sure the item gets USED when the child is the appropriate age.)

So. Please email me with your choices. These are somewhat high maintenance clothing items by today's standards, but they will last more than one child and they are WARM and so wonderful, they can even be worn to church.

A K i n P A AT v e r i (etc.) DOT net [take out spaces and make it a real email address.]


Anonymous said...

Well of course I like the plain blue vest. But you said that one was not up for grabs. I which case I want the orange sweater Max has on. I also want all of that hair.
It's nice to know that my son is likely to grow into his head by the time he is twelve. He ran down a steep hill yesterday, tripped and did a face plant. His momentum was such that his body pivoted 180 degrees around his dwarfstar dense head. He ended up looking at the sky a bit stunned, then stood up and pointed at the offending bit of earth and lectured "NOT NICE"(complete with pointy finger.

The Queen said...

I'll save you the blue vest :) The stripey sweaters are all gone, swiped by Sarah because, I confess, I wouldn't have to pay shipping and they'll both look great with all that red hair on her daughters. Plus she'll hand down the sweaters to future kids or her sister's kids . . . it's all good.