Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Check List

I got a lot done today, but not everything I wanted to get done. Sometimes my to-do list is so ambitious that even I know it's just not going to happen. The important thing was that today some important things were accomplished. I completed the most recent food storage order for the folks at church. I had some fun with the twinks and Gaye at a bake/plant sale at the local school and then Gaye and I got some important stuff done in the yard. We:
  • mulched the blueberry bushes
  • got the rocks from the raised-bed project into a corner of the driveway so that the area around the bird & butterfly garden could be mowed
  • marked out the area for the third raised-bed so that it can be dug and set
  • tore out the sod, amended the clay with some potting soil, and planted some sweet peas
  • watered the infant grass (mostly just to be sure there would be plenty of rain tonight)
  • tore out the old wood boundary of the front flower garden, increased it by about 10 inches, and installed a new stone boundary in its place
  • mulched the front flower garden
  • installed a new bird feeder holder in the front flower garden
  • filled and installed two new bird feeders there
and then Gaye took a lot of pictures. Chris had mowed well and with the upgrades, the front flower garden looks especially nice. I did rip the peonies back out. I think we may put in peonies at some point, but not right there, and we'll do it in the fall, which is apparently the time for that sort of thing.

Just as we finished up, the beneficial nematodes arrived. Gaye had ordered them in order to combat the gazillion grubs in her sod. It turns out that once they arrive, you have to use them in 48 hours. So that's what I'm doing after church tomorrow.

Then I took the kids and headed home. Chris had been on Max and tennis duty this morning, but spent the afternoon working on getting a scooter running. He can't take this one to work, but he can ride it around town a bit. He was glad to have us all home again.

I've spent the rest of the evening listening to the rain, washing dishes, trying to tidy up the kitchen . . . that sort of thing. I think I'm going to go hunt up my pjs and then try to stay awake until Chris gets back from the store with the staples I sent him to get before we're sideswiped by another fast-moving week.

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