Sunday, June 21, 2009

Those Grading Graphs

So I figured out how to take a screen shot of the grading graphs that plague me, rule my life, motivate me to work harder in the class.

This is the first one that I encountered. It doesn't slay me, cause suicidal thoughts, bother me as much as you might think because I'm able to ignore the huge 25% at the top (which would mean I was getting so much less than an F. That's like an F minus minus minus.) for another couple of weeks until all my catch-up work is done. But I am still easily panicked by the quiz bar, since it's legit.

84%. In EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY. I should be Acing this class. It's killing me.


This is the Calculus graph I've been waiting for since Friday. If it had a spot to show how often I checked to see if the darn thing was there it would show like 200 refreshes.

And on the one hand, I'm bummed because--clearly--I got 70% on the quiz, but the two homeworks balanced it out and there I am--8 out of freakin' 10. Now we all know how much 8 out of freakin' 10 has been KILLING ME since this semester began (what, 2 weeks ago? Time flies when you're me.) but I kid you not--I saw the 80% and I thought, "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STILL IN THE GAME!!" (See? I can be reasonable.)

Because, you know, fundamentally, I'm a math education student and that means I have to pass the math classes.

Frankly, after the can't-reduce-a-fraction fiasco, I was starting to wonder.

And even though I know this was just the first week, and I can still totally crash and burn, I also know (I think Sarah referenced this in her comment below) that the longer I can stay in the game, the more the moth-eaten-carpet of my math memory will mend, and the better my chances of eventually kicking some butt.

[And since my last post I've done my Matrices homework, some laundry, a lesson for Relief Society, bathed all three boys, my EdPsych homework, and the first half of the work project due tomorrow. I admit I'll have to do the second half as soon as I'm done blogging here, but really--not bad for a Saturday, and the lesson went pretty well this morning, I think.]

Father's Day
Happy Father's Day, Chris!!! Love, us.

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thenn said...

Just a glimpse of your week makes me tired! I am praying for you.