Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All Knit, All the Time

You ever have one of those days where you just want to pitch all your responsibilities and for just one day--knit from sunrise to sunset to bedtime?

And then you actually DO it?

And it's great!

But the next day you are so totally busted by your employer. And they lose their cool and totally fire you. And you miss your mortgage payment because you spent the whole day knitting?

You ever have one of those days? Yeah, me either--because whenever I fantasize about doing so I see it through to its inevitable conclusion--the part where we all starve to death because I just wanted to finish the flippin' sweater.

I. am. so. close.

But FIRST! First I must finish this . . . work thing.

Oh, get this--in State College? No pickling spices. Anywhere. Not at Wegmans, not at O.W. Houts--nowhere. I may have to buy my pickling spices online.

Now--from anyone who knows the difference--which is better, fermented pickles or fresh hot pack pickles? (Thor the angry black poodle says, "Who cares? Scratch my ears.")


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! This was a great entry!! You are just so funny. And your pictures from the wedding on Chris' blog- darling. Just darling.

~Jo's Boys :)

Aunt Charlotte said...

I don't think Connie and Denny are back from their trip, but they would give you the definitive answer. Also, I think you can put together your own pickeling spices.
I will send you my pictures!