Thursday, July 27, 2006

::Gets out the violins:::

Woe is me. My printer died.

So. Want my stuff? Of course you do! Genuine Alaska homeschooling stuff. All yours on eBay. Max's football pants from last year already sold. They don't fit anymore. However now I sure know where to buy the next pair! Jeez, they're like 99 cents there.

Chris left this morning for a big swap meet. I know I'll miss him, but I admit that around noon I walked into the bedroom to shoo the dogs off the bed and realized that I was going to get the WHOLE THING to myself tonight. And the fan! The fan pointing JUST ON ME! I'm sorry, Dude. It's too hot to cuddle.

We're supposed to be leaving RIGHT NOW for Max's swim meet in Bellefonte. It's raining and forcast to keep raining. Wanna bet that everything tapers off and looks all nice until ten minutes into the meet when the lightening comes roaring back? Then we all have to go home soggy. Weee.


Eliza said...

My Spidey-Senses say there will be three pups and two actual dogs in the empty spot.

The Queen said...

Oooh, you're good. 'Tis true and they ALL kick.

Anonymous said...

AK you are a riot!!!

What was all that about the white carpeting and kids not being allowed in the master bedroom? :)

~Jo's Boys