Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday with Gaye

Today was a full and busy day. We started out by picking up Grandma Gaye and going to a local farm to get some pumpkins and squash. We considered bringing home some of the kittens, too, but decided to pass on that. We did their corn maze and Chris took some pictures. This was all Gaye's idea and it was a good one.

Max playing the air gourd (those are pumpkin pie pumpkins says the lady at the stand. We're taking her word for it and bought two to try in a pie.)

Gaye was having a terrible time.

The local wildlife was very aggressive.

They had a poor selection of decorative gourds and indian corn.

But we persevered and made the best of it.

Then we hied back to Gaye's to watch General Conference on her TV. Gaye doesn't have any interest in the church, but she knows we don't have TV and was willing to let us use hers to watch the Sunday morning talks (which, because of the time difference, were really Sunday afternoon talks for us).

Gaye and I got some knitting done. I FINALLY finished Arwen's sweater (no photos yet, it's blocking) and she swatched some new yarn and then got started on a project from Mason-Dixon knitting. She's doing the lace curtain for the window in her front door. Bubba-the-cat was very interested and wanted to help.

He tried so hard and for so long to help with our knitting (I took pictures of him "helping" with my sock yarn, but they got deleted. As the Yarn Harlot would say, "We will speak no more of this.") that he passed out cold.

It's tough work being a good kitty.

We had a wonderful mid-afternoon dinner prepared by Gaye of pot roast, cooked carrots and potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, and biscuits. After dinner we knit a little bit longer and then had ice cream and went home.

Not because we needed it or even particularly craved it--but just because I'd already made it--I baked up my first apple pie this evening. That turned out well, although like I said, we were still full from Gaye's dinner and none of us tucked into it the way we might otherwise have. We liked it well enough to try to save the recipe so that I wouldn't have to guess next time. The crust was perfect, so I can finally cross Learn How to Make a Decent Pie Crust off my list of things to do before I die.

Learn How to Make a Decent Pie Crust

Here I am, looking sweaty and . . . sigh. Never mind. Just look at the pie. October 7 and we're having a freakin' heat wave. I'm ready to just trade the stupid truck in for a bicycle built for five, myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alaska, those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! It's so beautiful up there ~ you're so blessed to live somewhere that is go gorgeous! Thank you for the sweet blog entry with the wonderful pictures ~ I love your blog!!!

Jo's Boys

Dy said...

Well, in spite of the heat wave and the dangerous animals, it looks like a truly fantastic Sunday outing! I'm so glad you have Grandma Gaye there, and are enjoying her so very much. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

And that PIE! Gorgeous!