Sunday, October 28, 2007

With Chris' Permission . . .

I am planning a joint baptism/birthday party for Chris for the afternoon of December 8. If you will be in the area and want to help me plan, please call or email me. We really wanted to do a skating party, but the cost is out of our range for this year, so now I'm thinking we'll just clean the house from top to bottom and have everyone here. The grownups can talk, hang out upstairs. The kids can hollar at each other and run train tracks all over the basement. (Emily can't hold her licker, and that scares some of the littles, so she'll probably be tied to my waist.) If you're LDS or not LDS but always wanted to see what an LDS baptism was like, and you want to attend the morning baptism, let me know about that, too. I'll make sure I get you the exact time as soon as we have that and directions to the chapel.

From Above: So, Alaska, how are you?
Me: Well, Lord, you already know the ways in which we could use a little help. But if you mean how am I feeling? I'm feeling deeply humbled and grateful, God. Deeply, deeply humbled and grateful. The further along I get in this life journey, the more I really understand that Your timing is Perfect. Perfect and Amazing.

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Becca said...

Deeply humbled and grateful indeed. What a huge blessing for you and your family.