Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Ann and Dy

Dy gets a baby sweater because I totally dropped the ball and LOST smidges dimensions and then completely wiped it from my brain until I found the yarn I'd set aside for his sweater WITH the dimensions about a month ago in the back of a closet. Needless to say, Smidge is not that size anymore. So Dy just has to email me her snail mail address and the new baby gets something when we know a little about which team he or she will be playing for--pink or blue.

Griffin gets a baby sweater because he's a baby and I can still knit him a nice size 12-months something and get it done before he'll grow out of it. Griffin needs to get his mom to email me their snail mail address and any pertitent information like "warning, he's in the 99th percentile for growth," in which case I'll knit him a nice size 18-month outfit to wear at the 12-month mark.
It's really only big people like dear hubby and (as he not only is a big kid, but continues to insist on growing at an alarming rate) oldest son who have to keep on me to keep knitting. For that reason, I have sworn not to start any new baby sweaters until after Max's Christmas sweater is done. Griffin and baby Dy shouldn't expect delivery until early Spring.

But they can expect cute. ::Gasp:: I'm starting my first Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket soon. I have enough to make TWO of those! They're on the rustic side, but they're made in the most incredible Peruvian Organic Cotton and aside from the whole hand-wash only annoyance, they're plenty warm enough for the mild winters you both have. Oh these would be PERFECT.

::claps hands:: send mail address to my email! It is decided!


Dy said...

*squeal* I was just thinking about you yesterday morning, and all you've had on your plate, while I was trying to knit a scarf for John. It's *haarrrdddd* to knit w/o a mentor! Or dexterity. Or depth perception. He may just use the scarf as some kind of tying device for his bike. I don't know. But I thought of you and all the lovely things you make, and that made me smile and keep trying.

I'll find out which team we'll be adding to and email you. You just totally made my month, you know that? :-)


ann said...

Yippee! We could not be more excited ~ baby Griffin is a very lucky little guy. It will be his first handmade treasure!!! I'll figure out more about size/weight as we get closer. He's almost 10 lbs and 23 inches long -- hard to believe that he's been with us almost 16 weeks. I feel like I'm in a time warp! Of course I am WAY behind on emails, so this is a good motivation. Will send something over in the next day or two. In the meantime, know that I feel very blessed to be on the list for an Alaska original. You are amazing! :-)