Monday, November 12, 2007

Yay! It's Strep!

As in "Yay! We have health insurance!"
And, "Yay! We got a doctor appointment for just 20 minutes after I called!"
And, "Yay! the new doctor is great!"
And, "Yay! A friggin' strep test takes FIVE WHOLE MINUTES in 2007,"
And, "Yay! We have health insurance!"
So, "Yay! He's on antibiotics."

I'd prefer NOT to have to pay $390/month for the privilege of having health insurance, yes, I would. I'd prefer to have a $25 copay instead of footing the bill for every appointment, every medication, because our deductible is higher than some people's annual income.

But at the same time I'm so glad it was an option, I'm glad that we were covered. Funny what you get grateful for when your kid gets sick. (Now, who wants to hold the pot so we can all place bets about whether the twinks get sick or not?)

Emily had a vet appointment today, too. I got a lecture on plucking her ears and Emily got a lecture on keeping her ears clean. SHE is on anti-yeast meds for the next ten days so it was MEDS all around and a donut at the grocery store for Mom.

And NOW I will go get some work done.


Writing and Living said...

Glad it's something easily treated.

I'm thankful for health insurance, too. It sounds like your deductible is similar to ours.

ann said...

I feel better that we aren't the only ones who get lectured about the dog's ears at the vet. But even more so, I'm glad Max is feeling better. We'll keep you all in our prayers.


Dy said...

Oh, I'm SO not wagering on the Rounds That Virus Will Make. But I am glad you can attend to it relatively quickly. God bless whoever it was that played with bacteria and discovered a way to synthesize antibiotics! WOOHOO! Hope you're all feeling better soon.