Sunday, October 26, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well

The boys won their championship game 12-0. That's about the narrowest margin they've had so far. Max didn't get to play as much as usual, but he played enough to feel satisfied with the job he did, so that's good. Afterwards they had a nice pizza party. It was cool out, but I'd brought a blanket and the rain stopped right before the game began, which was a tender mercy as far as I'm concerned. I don't think the kids cared, but those of us watching the game did.

Tomorrow will be a day full of geometry and boys' haircuts and school, but today is Sunday and that means worship, time together as a family, some time to relax, and some time to knit. I've got a hat on the needles that I suspect will be too small for its intended recipient, Milo. But it's coming out so cute that I'm going to go ahead and finish it for whatever child it ends up fitting. I also tried this widget that holds multiple strands of yarn on your finger for two-color knitting. I've always done one color in one hand and one in the other--but for the simple patterns in this hat, I decided to give the finger widget a try and it worked beautifully.


educat said...

More info on this finger widget, please? I have just begun fair isle and my left hand isn't sure it wants to participate.

Sarah said...

I know a kid with a smaller head than Milo ::grin::

In other news, Anika is now in the 50% for weight and height! Yeah!!! She's even wearing a 3T now! Of course, lots of the 2T stuff still fits her. Sabine has glasses now for reading and has, as of tonight, lost 2 teeth. The Tooth Fairy had to borrow a dollar from a friend :(

Love you!