Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog Sweet Blog

I'll be writing again over here instead of on Facebook for awhile. I have a lot to get done this year and Facebook, for all its good qualities (frequent pictures of good friends) is such a time suck for me.

Nevertheless, I do love to stay in touch with family and friends, and since I am so consistently pathetic about calling anyone (at least until Dad calls my cell phone and says, "Thought you might be dead. We're leaving next week for a four week tour of Portugal. You might want to call this weekend and argue otherwise.") blogging is my best bet again.

I might have forgotten how to imbed photos in my posts though.


So a quick catch up seems in order.

Alaska: Working on her dissertation. And always the dishes. On the look out in case someone might have thrown away a bassoon they aren't using anymore. Still drives too fast. Currently blonde. At least my eye color is legit. Swimming three days a week at the Y with Jill in the hopes that someday I might fit back in my cute clothes.

Chris: Worked previous five years for a software company. When they laid off most of their staff (75%) at the start of the sequester last Spring, he was at a cross roads. He decided to go back to school with the hopes of eventually teaching/directing theatre/English.

Max: Senior in high school. Applying to four colleges and his LDS mission. He'll do the LDS mission first and then college, but applying for college on your mission is tricky and frowned on, so they apply now, then defer enrollment. Happy kid. Dating Alexis. Alexis the Awesome.

Ben: 6th grade. High baritone already and he's not quite 12. Plays oboe and cello. Is hoping for a speaking role in the school musical but will do anything, really. Agreeable, helpful fellow who has lots of ideas about how to get things done and tries not to get in trouble telling others what they should do. In another few years this will work out well for him.

Milo: 6th grade. Voice is slipping down. Not as obvious as Ben. Plays flute. Reads constantly. Is hoping we might let him homeschool himself someday. Also interested in the play, but I could see him being really, really happy on set design. We're taking Brienne Brown's water color class together in two weeks.

Emily: Will be 10 years old in March. Still a friendly, loving senior poodle, but a little more neurotic and a little more likely to pee on the carpet. Hate that last part. Still the best. dog. ever.

Still in State College, PA. Still in love with Pennsylvania.


Elaine said...

I can't believe this. I was going thru all my old blog lists and clicked on yours. I can't remember where I first saw you--the WTM boards, Denim Jumper? I remember when you moved to PA. Please post pics of the kids! Last I can recall, the twins were going to the university for speech therapy and your oldest had started public school.

The Queen said...

Hi, Dot--could have been either one :) I will absolutely post pictures soon. I didn't get Halloween pictures because my guys all went with other friends this year, but soon :)