Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is going to be an Amazing Week

This week is so. many. things. It is a a birthday, a dissertation project milestone, the graduation of my my students and their students from the fall world languages program for elementary students, the twins first priesthood interviews, their 12th birthday, a visit from Mom and her friend to help celebrate those things, Max's fall play, being in charge of the flower committee for that play, being at all the performances to wrap and sell flowers, and etc. There really is more for the etc.

I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed about it all, especially since I would prefer to clear the schedule and just prepare for my committee meeting on Friday, but since I am a mother of three teens and wife to a double-majoring temporary undergrad, that's not happening. Instead I'll make a list of readings I want to revisit before then and have them in my backpack and look for times when I can read them as I have downtime between the other ts.

Then one of my visiting teachers snuck into my house and helped me with my dishes and left me a vase of flowers, which was so uncalled for and so welcome. The flowers are beautiful, really beautiful, and they're on my dining room table bringing me more joy.

And today I talked out my worries with two friends and I decided my sound track for this week is going to be Hymn #223 Have I Done Any Good in the World Today and my motto will be endure to the end, with the understanding that we LDS believe you're not doing it right if you sad sack and despair your way through things. No, enduring to the end means keeping the light of Christ in your heart, acting as he would have us act, finding moment after moment to be grateful, redistributing our blessings to meet the needs of others (okay, I wish this applied to the dentist appointment. I'd like to redistribute my fillings to others who might need them more, and I totally would it not for a life long fear of root canals.)

So we'll take things one day at a time, and at points, one hour at a time. Tomorrow is a day full of meetings and appointments. The dog needs a bath so badly. We've all stopped loving her fully because of her stink. Tomorrow she will be washed in the waters of Petco and arise again a pretty and sweet smelling dog. We're not shallow. This is some serious stink she got into at some point.

I will order the flowers. I'll make a list of readings I want to revisit before then and have them in my backpack and look for times when I can read them as I have downtime between the other things.

I will attend a meeting to plan a class I'm teaching next semester. I had a meeting with the professor running this meeting last week and we talked about al lot of the stuff at this meeting ahead of time and I had a chance to think aloud through whatever there was to separate wisdom from tradition. I'm better prepared to support the changes fully now. We also talked about where I am in the program and she said, "I actually found finishing the dissertation went quickly once the data was collected."

I'm thinking of putting that on a t-shirt and wearing it for my dissertation writing sessions.

I will submit a second job application. I've decided to graduate in August and work on finding us a good home program, a good place for the twins to attend high school, a good place for  Chris to finish his certification program and start teaching. This feels right. Unlike tomorrow's dentist appointment.

I will get three fillings. three.

Then I will pick up Milo from musical rehearsals and take him to flute. Then go back and pick up Ben from musical rehearsals and take them both to swimming. Then we will go home and do homework and eat something and collapse in to bed. Thank heavens Max can drive himself places.

But then there is Tuesday and the graduation and I have the opportunity to look back over another fall field experience and reflect on what this group taught me and what I need to fine tune if I do again next fall. That will be the next post, I think: What I Learn as a Teacher Educator, because I always do and I always find surprises. I love people who think they want to be teachers because it's not a decision lightly made anymore. It requires a certain amount of steel and my job is to help students find it and start using it to be the good they want in the world--since that's still the primary reason I hear students say they want to teach.

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