Friday, August 31, 2007

Especially for Dy

So washing out two fridges really gives a girl some time to think and one of the things I was sort of mulling over was that here we were involved in a "move" again--and how GRATEFUL I was that it wasn't MY move. Even though I was here cleaning out a fridge (or two) for a move, it isn't MY phone number changing, my utility hookups--even though I've done a lot of the work with the Realtors in this move--in the end they're not acting on my behalf. I get to stay in my messy house with the icky carpets and the aging roof and feel rueful over the weeds that have taken over the flower beds (but not my garden!). And I'm really grateful for that. I may even have the cash to get the carpets cleaned at the end of September. How great will that be?

I don't mind that another round of priming and painting is coming up--I never really minded that part. I like the dramatic transformation that two coats of primer and two coats of paint does to a room. I don't mind juggling all the extra tasks around the demands of piano lessons and contracted work. My love language is "acts of service" and I truly love the woman for whom we are doing all this. If it weren't for the financial stresses--that are completely unrelated to the moving activities, they're just part and parcel of 2007 for us--I'd be doing just fine now.

How much more powerful of a sign from God that this is to be our Forever home (Pine Grove Mills/State College--I'm open to moving to a house with a taller basement for Chris when the kids are grown, but in the same neighborhood) that He has made it possible for FAMILY to join us here. I found myself wondering who would be next. I tried to convince my sister and her husband to make the move out of San Diego earlier this year, but her husband has family there in California and I imagine that when you are first-generation American, you don't leave that regardless of the financial cost. So we'll see what the future brings.


PupDaddy said...

Yeah. Me too.

But where is Mr. Proboscisface?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if ther would be painting at some point :D I'm getting ready to paint my bedroom a lilac (now I need to figure out the perfect shade *wink*).

I laughed out loud today when I got my mail. I live for Paperback Swap and one of the books I ordered came from State College. It made me think of you and put a smile on my face!

Dy said...

Oh, this made me all warm and fuzzy.

I've felt that same gratefulness about our Forever Home. And now, cousins just a bit to the west, and cousins just a bit to the right -- and here we are, smack in the middle, the meeting ground, able to help them and support them and do all that family does together.

And then I come and find this post, tonight, when I needed a little uplifting and perspective. Thanks. :-)