Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday and a Moment of Peace

I had made enough progress on workwork yesterday that I dared to think last night that after dinner I would knit a bit and then head to bed at a reasonable hour with my husband. Instead I sat in the green chair, picked up my knitting and passed out. Gaye says I woke briefly four times, but I only remember once before Chris coming upstairs to put the kids to bed woke me enough to get me to bed.

I guess I really needed that sleep because I feel soooo much more human today. Today is the official "ready" day of the new charter school building, so Chris and Max are off helping with that. Gaye is trying to get phone service and DSL set up, which Verizon is managing to make far more difficult than it needs to be. We did get her computer set up so she can sit at Max's desk and answer email and troll the Internet looking for the correct trash company and stuff. I am reminded often what an awful lot of work it is to move and how glad I am that I'm only helping this time.

I am working on workwork, the dishes, a bit of canning, and catching up on laundry. I guess that sounds like a lot, but there's nowhere I have to be until 6:30 this evening (when it'll be time for the twins' piano lesson) and the day feels more "normal" than a day has felt in quite a few weeks.
Today Grandma got her computer set up at Max's desk, much to the delight of Max and the twins, since my hand-me-down computer is "bricked" at this point. So Gaye can once again get at her email and the kids got to have a little fun online, too.

I'm off to get some more workwork done, and then hopefully finish my Santa mitten sample for the yarn store.

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Dy said...

Oh, I'm getting all caught up (we had company for three weeks), and I see Grandma Gaye is moving out there! That's WONDERFUL!!!

Where did you learn to can pintos? We eat a lot of pintos. We eat so many pintos that the Mexican guys Zorak worked with used to make fun of us. If I could can them, I would be a very happy woman.

The little yellow sweater is beautiful! All your projects are beautiful. You bring a lot of beauty to this world, you know that?

OK, I have to be productive. I've just missed seeing what you and the pups were up to. :-)

Have a fantastic day!