Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Night

First, for Sarah: There is no tofu pudding recipe. You go to your healthfood store and you buy a pack of mori-nu "mates". It's a pudding/pie filling mix that they make. You buy a block of mori-nu FIRM tofu, add it and a quarter cup of water to the blender, and blend till creamy. Then you add the mix and blend till creamy and chocolatey. Then you pour it into four containers, stick in fridge, and eat after dinner. It's REALLY good. We're trying the lemon this weekend. MORI-NU TOFU MATES

Today the twins had their speech evaluation. We think that went well. I'm not sure Ben is going to qualify for services. Actually, I'm not sure either one of them will, but of the two, I'll be surprised if Ben does qualify. I won't get results until next Thursday though. Anyway, the boys passed their hearing tests with flying colors and they seemed to enjoy most of the evaluation. They both burned out on being away from Mom (I wasn't in the room with them. I ran back and forth between evaluation rooms watching through the two way mirror.) about fifteen minutes before the end. I ended up going in to the room with Milo and sitting on the floor so he could sit in my lap and do the last ten of the picture cards.

Gosh my kids are cute.

So then we left and came home and I made everyone lunch and then got back to work. Chris worked on getting stuff to organize the living room this weekend. We made an executive decision earlier this week to hold off on painting that room until the middle of July because I really need to work and he really needs the room to be clean and organized. I feel better about this since I really DID go back and put that last coat in the basement (and yes, it really does look a lot better). So I know we'll get it done. Just not now.

We had our piano practice and then Chris and Max went to swim practice and I made baked Salmon and curried rice (which was really spicey!) and steamed green beans. The boys came home, we ate, we had sugar-free jello for dessert. Yum!

Oh! Milo said three times today that he had to go to the bathroom -- and he did! This is a first. He did still have one accident today, but I'll take it. It wasn't at the speech and hearing clinic and that's what matters :)

This evening after all the boys were in bed I drove over to Jill's and picked her up. Then we went to Meyer's Dairy for milkshakes and gossip. Jill had found a note we passed in a class. It doesn't make a lot of sense and I sound unreasonably arrogant, but it's funny in its own way. She gave it to me to show to Chris.

So that's it! Another nice day here in central PA. Beautiful trees, beautiful weather, good day with the kids, good evening with a friend. Life is good.


Prime Minister said...

For the rest of you, Jill is one of our local friends who AK went to college with. That's when they passed notes in class.

And HEY I didn't know about Jello! I got no Jello. Where is my Jello? Where is the protocol, the decorum? The Prime Minister is, um, kerfuffled.

Jennifer said...

Hey Alaska! I have to take Reece to an ENT for her hearing test on Wednesday! Is there anything you can tell me about it so I can prepare her for it?

I got the 'official' report from her speech eval today and she has a diagnosis of "Articulation Delay". Her articulation scored in at less than 2 years, 0 months. But her language is between 3.4 and 3.9. She will be 3.3 next week, so that is encouraging for me!

She starts speech therapy a week from Monday! $60 a pop so I'm hoping to see results fairly quickly!

Hope you have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!
Jennifer (Niffercoo)