Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I've been fired!

Milo, in a fashion that I must admit reminds me rather of me, has fired me from the position of potty trainer. The night before last he woke at midnight to cry because he'd leaked some pee and wanted to be changed (we still use pullups at night because I just don't believe in worrying about night training AT ALL. That'll happen when it happens.) and that was a pretty significant change from Mr. I-don't-really-care-if-I'm-dry-or-wet. I took him to potty and he finished his business.

Yesterday morning I think I took him to potty twice and then Chris caught him taking himself potty around 9am. I reminded him a few more times throughout the day, but in general, it was clear that he was taking himself potty. At 2pm he announced without any great concern but with some small amount of fanfare that he needed to poop. I followed him to the potty and hung out in the hall while he worked on the project. It was entirely successful and I had no part in it except to convince him to let me wipe him at the end.

I gave him some mini-marshmallows as a reward since we were out of M&Ms. Well, as it would turn out, Milo has been waiting his whole life for mini-marshmallows. For the rest of the day he emptied his bladder every fifteen minutes in exchange for some mini-marshmallows. He was dry this morning. I haven't had an important role in the potty business since. I just shell out the marshmallows when he comes to collect and hold his undies so he can step back into them.

:::tries to look unphased:::

::gives up::: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And wah. My last baby out of diapers. Okay, no. I can't work up any sadness there. I did have a lot of fun with cloth diapers but I'm really done with the diapering business. From here on out I'll only diaper neices and nephews which means if it's TOO icky? I can hand the kid BACK!! ::happy dance::

I'm really awfully proud of the kid.


Risha said...

Marshmallows, eh? ::off to root about in the cupboards::

If we're out of the little marshie things, expect Jack on the next direct flight.

The Queen said...

Risha, wait, there's more! Ask Chris how to make the mini-marshmallow shooter! Then, if he gets sick of eating the little puffy things (they gross me out) he can use them to entertain the puppy!

Otherwise, just let me know when to expect the flight. And your routing number ;)

Dy said...

WOOHOO! What a great job to be fired from! Or is it promoted? You know, to the next training phase. :-)