Thursday, May 26, 2005

Slimming Teacher

ARGH! Lost a huge post. Now you get the reader's digest version. Not nearly as funny.

Today we:
  1. Saved George, the bird who ran into our kitchen window. Not sure what exactly was wrong with him but he couldn't fly away. I took him to the wildlife refuge place in Lemont.
  2. Met our swimming teacher and swam for an hour. It was exhausting and wildly successful. Ben said, "That was the best swimming time, EVER!" Max worked his tush off the whole time. I was incredibly proud of all three of them. I'm so blessed.
  3. Ate healthy food. Milo is the most adventurous of the gang, but noone has skipped two meals in a row yet. Funny how the next meal always looks more appetizing. The tofu pudding we tried turned out to be totally edible. It tastes and looks like chocolate pudding, only it's nearly nonfat and full of protein. Thumbs up to that dessert. Ben was TOTALLY bummed that he'd refused dinner and didn't get any. Poor kid.
  4. Milo stayed dry all day
  5. Ben and I hit the library together. We got a lot of books.
  6. I mowed the front and back lawn. That was really hot. I was suddenly aware that this lot is the largest we've ever owned. And it's only a quarter acre. I'm such a wimp! Oh well, at least the grass grew enough to need mowing.
  7. Chris folded a ton of clean clothes and continued to tidy and put things away.

And that's about it, but it was a great day. Now, back to work.

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You posty recipe! Or angry Sarah inflicty rath of Tofu Goddess upon your household!