Monday, November 21, 2005


I spent the first part of the day working on one project. Sent it out the door and spent another two hours putting out fires on another work project. I fed the kids something -- Max decided it was inadequate and dug out the quesadilla maker and made quesadillas for everyone to go with it. I love that boy. I threw on my shoes and got out side to help Chris rake leaves.

We've kinda let the place go ::cough::. Truthfully, we've done next to no raking this whole fall. I got out there twice and moved some leaves around, but nothing really got done. Well, it's supposed to drop into the icky temperatures and rain and sleet the rest of the week. Sensing that this might be the last day that the job wasn't beyond horrible, we got out there and raked and blew and hauled and dumped a quarter acre of leaves that were about, oh, 8 inches deep. Dude. Those are some BIG Oak trees surrounding our yard.

On the upside, I can check exercising off my list for a few days ;)

At some point I threw together a double batch of pizza dough and put that out to rise. It was ready to become pizza when I came in from raking. About the time that the cheese pizza was finishing up, the missionaries arrived. They played with the kids while I finished the ground beef pizza. We ate, we talked -- and now I'm back at my computer trying to find two synapses to rub together to finish up some work.

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