Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I ran right out and told the tomatoes. They said they weren't thrilled with the temps on Sunday and Monday, but they thought Thursday sounded dreamy. The watermelon, which never seems to get enough water, was thrilled with the news. The sugar snap peas said they were all for it and the cucumbers snickered and said if I didn't get them something to climb on soon, they were going after the peppers. And the first row of lettuce? It offered the opinion that it was ready to be picked. I stalled while I tried to figure out why lettuce matures so early in the season--long before there are any other vegetables to put on the rest of the salad. Plus--in hind sight--I'm not sure it's worth growing so much of it. I'll give you this: the lettuce is amazing and makes me never want to touch grocery store lettuce again. But my garden space is limited and the lettuce is the only vegetable I'm growing that can't--through any method--be stored.


Thor was much worse this morning so I called the vet and they said to bring him in. I have more than made the vet's car payment this month. The spaying, the grooming (that's where I get them groomed), and now this . . . obviously I wouldn't be kvetching about the bill if Thor wasn't well repaired. They cleaned all his wounds (they found many more than I had) and loaded me up with three different meds. I was instructed to keep him drugged up for the next three days! Sheesh! But they don't want him running around on his bad leg and I can see why they're concerned about this. He also gets to take some SERIOUS anti-biotics for the next TWO WEEKS.
They offered to give me multiple copies of the receipt to go "discuss" the cost with the neighbor. I sighed and declined, offering my opinion that as much as the whole neighborhood knows that dog is vicious, the ultimate responsibility was mine since it was my four-year-old who let him out.

When I dropped Thor off at the vet, there was a strange dog there three times Thor's size. Thor wagged his weary tail and strained against the leash to go meet him with the small bit of strength he still possessed. The owner assured me that he was a friendly dog. I let the dogs chat. It didn't benefit Thor yesterday that he loves other dogs so much--and especially big dogs--(as long as they're not coming in his own house) but in general I want that part of his personality preserved. There are rumors of building a dog park in the area. I want him to be able to go unafraid.


I'm feeling like I really need to get a start on the Orenburg shawl, so I've been working on the sampler the last two days. I hope to finish it tonight and block it.


Eliza said...

I've been *meaning* to tell you this! Miss "I can't read I can only read Bob Books" was reading over my shoulder a while back. Of a sudden I heard "Gossamer Webs. Orenburg Lace Shawls. Hum. What's that Mama. Is Alaska gonna post a picture of it soon?" She pronounced it all perfectly, too.

You love of knitting is inspiring a new generations of readers and knitters!

Risha said...

Wow. I'm sorry to hear about Thor's injuries. Hits home. Duff got out tonight (combo of guy working on the cottage leaving the garage doors open and no one in our family thinking about it and locking the dog in). He'd already had an issue with the neighbor dog (went at him through the fence), and who happened to be walking by when Duff found the open garage but the neighbor and the neighbor dog. ::sigh:: Duff not only went for the dog, but bit the human when he tried to get them apart.

We just spent $10k on a fence to prevent this, and it happens through a stupid error.

Lar wants to find Duff a new, more secure, home... one that doesn't have little boys that might accidentally leave gates or doors open. I just don't know what to do.

The Queen said...


Eliza, congrats on your big reader!

Aunt Charlotte said...

Uh Queen, honey? It's about a shower gift? DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL YOU GET TO CA- you are already doing the scrapbook there-although you will have your aunt to help- but I won't be there in time to help with the shower gift-so put down the lace!!!!

The Queen said...

But I'm almost DONE! I have like, 15 rows to go.

And like 8 hours of plane travel on the 27th. Isn't that enough? What?

Aunt Charlotte said...

No, that's too much time. You'll finish it the first leg of the trip and then wish you could wrap it and be done. You need to finish the gift, wash, block and wrap, put in your luggage and then knit on something with no deadline on the plane to relax. Don't know if lace is the way to go there either- might demand too much concentration- but then I don't know your pattern. I was planning on working on my Finish mittens on my trip.

The Queen said...

Hmmm . . . finish the Finnish mittens? Novel idea . . . I have just the decreases on the palm and the whole thumb to go on the first mitten. Well, and weaving in another 40 ends, but who's counting?

Okay, I'll go get yarn today. Like I said, all I have in my stash is thick scarf wool or mohair and that would be just mean for this project ;)

[For the rest of you, I promise pictures to follow after the shower, but I'm quite sure my sister reads the blog.]