Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today was supposed to be Max's "friends" birthday party. We were going to take the boys to a local Water Park. But Mother Nature threw a "high of 65" party, so we moved that back a week.

Instead, Max had a friend over. Then Chris took all four boys to see Cars, while I went to find a new pair of jeans and some "summer" shoes. We were all successful in our own way.

While I was waiting for them to finish up the movie, I finished one of the three sweater vests--only to find later (after casting off) that the neck was just too small for the twins' impossibly large head. So I frogged it and searched about on the internet for an alternative. I found it. I'm hoping to finish the neckline again tonight and then cast on for the second sweater. We'll see. I'm pooped and there is soooo much paying work to do tomorrow.

I logged on with high hopes of going back over the day--but it was kind of a quiet day and it seems to be avoiding being put into words. It was a nice day. I guess we'll leave it at that and hope that by the time I have to write anything tomorrow I will have recovered my voice.

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