Thursday, June 01, 2006

10 Blessings on a Thursday Night

1. Knowing that he's so excited to go to school that if I sleep through the alarm, he'll get me up anyway.
2. Clients that pay on time.
3. An email that says your last play was funny--and you had meant it to be. (and implies that the author thinks made that spelling error on purpose--haha Alaska, you joker) (and that the play will still be funny after you fix the spelling error)
4. Really Big Fans on really hot days.
5. Fresh lettuce from the neighbor's garden.
6. Being given the time and opportunity to do the job right.
7. $6 shorts at Target, two each of three pairs--so cool, the twins agree to not be naked for one whole day.
8. Aluminum foil (I don't like to put fish directly on the grill--falls apart when I go to flip the fish)
9. Marrying a man honest enough to leave his name and number under the windshield wiper.
10. It was just a little parking accident. Noone got hurt.


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