Sunday, September 03, 2006

"I want to use the sponge now!"

The twins are at that stage where cleaning flips their cookie. I picked up a new swiffer the other day and they fight over the chance to use it. They call it "swooping." As in, "It's my turn to swoop the floors!"

Don't worry boys, there's enough dirt for everyone.

Some of my friends are bringing more people onto the planet. (I'm all for babies, I'm very pro-baby.) So I picked up some more yarn. One of my friends adopted a baby girl from China around the time that I was leaving California and moving here. I was in over my head with moving stuff so they didn't get anything from me. Now they're giving her a little sister the old fashioned way, so I'm making big sister/little sister matching sweaters. I can only do this because big sister isn't that big, LOL.

Another friend just had fourth child, second son--so I figure they're fine for blankets and he gets a sweater, too. They all get the placket-neck pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This is my favorite kid-sweater pattern.

I knit the twins sweaters (one shown above) in a cotton yarn, but the babies/toddler are getting 100% wool from Steadfast Fibers in colors Sedona (orange/yellow) and Columbine (lavender/rose). I know--nobody knits babies anything in orange. I'm leery of it myself because there are certain shades of orange that I find an affront to my eyesight. But I've come to accept that all three of my sons think that orange is *the* color to wear. Orange shirts, orange shorts, orange socks--if it's orange, they'll put it on and wear it out. (They feel pretty strongly about red, too.) Since the intended recipient is a boy, and since this particular blend of orange brought to mind brilliant fall leaves AND sunlight at the same time--I went for it.)

I just finished another lesson so I think I'll go fuss with the laundry for a bit before tackling the next one.


Becca said...

My girls (4 and 3) LOVE to clean! By clean I mean the stuff with tools and water, that picking up stuff is way too prosaic! I decided to capitalize on it, so I bought them mini squeegees and now they're responsible for the windows!

kristen said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE orange on my boy. some of his (er, my?) very most favorite sweaters, shirts, shorts, outfits of his are orange. so YEA YOU for going with orange.

Eliza said...

I spaced ona a sugn of summer ending - geese flying south for the winter! I just heard them tonight for the first time this season...