Sunday, September 24, 2006

Second Thoughts

I'm making this sweater for Milo (and probably again for Ben):

The sweater has these three cabled stripes running vertically up it.

I don't do a lot of multi-color work and I'm not very good at it yet. When I first started I tried taking the red strands across the back but twisting the yarns in that way resulted in a lot of bulk. So I switched to an intarsia method which made for a smoother back. You can see where I made the switch.

And this is the front.

And that's so cheery and vibrant . . . but here're the problems:

1) the cables just don't transition very well from the main body. When I stretch the fabric out a little, it's just . . . messy! The stitches seem to pull oddly. Maybe that's normal for intarsia? I think probably not though and that it's a function of using 100% cotton at a relatively (for me) loose tension. It's not a smooth transition.

2) The label of the yarn says pretty much "Just so you know, it's 100% cotton and it's going to bleed like a bad head injury the first few times you wash this." (Actually, it says something cryptic about "color migration," but if my sweater is red and my cable is "natural" then that means I'm going to end up with a pink cable, I'm pretty sure.)

I really want to make this shirt/sweater for Milo. I love that my kids like the things I knit for them and I know that the other sweaters I'm making for them (still working on Max's) are just going to be too hot for anything more than outdoors. But I'm leaning very heavily towards ripping the whole thing back to the ribbing and reknitting in plain red. I'll keep the three cables--but this cotton is very snazzy and I think they'll pop just fine even in the same color.

Then the thing can run to its heart's content and the worst that will happen is that it fades to a nice muted red. At the rate these guys eat, they'll only get one season out of the shirt anyway.

Yep. I think I'm frogging back to the ribbing and doing it in a Big Boy Solid Red.


Aunt Charlotte said...

When it ain't right, it's best to cut your losses and move on. I said that very thing to myself this weekend- so I know just how you feel. I said it about the afghan I am knitting for you-know-who. Self, I said, the problem is you have not found an inspirational pattern. So I went to my patterns, and there, on the top, was the very thing! Since no one could love the one I have started as much as me, it goes into the UFP pile, and I went to the LYS. I bought a pretty skein of yarn, swatched it, and fell in love. Now I have to order the yarn and hope it is in stock. So, rip that sucker out- and make something you really know is going to work! Oh, the back of the twin vest is nearly done. It is beautiful! What do you think about a cable going up the inside boarders?

PupDaddy said...

I like that, "Color Migration". Harley Davidson's don't leak oil, they undergo subtle lubricant migration.

The Queen said...

I think the cable sounds very snazzy :)

I sent you a link to the afghan yarn I bought. It's that time of year.

And I'll rip back the sweater today. I was waiting on your comment saying it was the right thing to do :)

Aunt Charlotte said...

I think the cabel turns a very conservative (except for the yarn) item into a somewhat more interesting garmet. Not that I am complaining- I am still thrilled with it because of the yarn- and because it is going so danged fast!

Sharon from FL said...

You could try washing the sweater with Shout Color Sheets... they've stopped all color migration on our red clothes.

Pretty sweater!