Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Look! It's my baby nephew going for a run with his daddy! (And he's wearing the yellow sweater his overzealous aunt knit for him! That would be me.) Oliver is four months old now which means he can do things like roll over, make cool noises on purpose, party with his new friends at daycare, (Mommy had to go back to work part/time this week), and do some dance moves on his changing table while Daddy keeps him upright.


PupDaddy said...

I got to boogie with the O Bear ('Obert Jean Luc Noir) last week, and he is indeed the shizzle!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

I love his name on the wall. The sweater looks great, too. Good job, Aunt Alaska.

Becca said...

Great sweater, darling baby, and that wall behind them is so dang cool!!