Friday, October 20, 2006

Drafty and Dodging

There is a massive draft coming in through the basement window above my desk. I want to cover it in plastic and get rid of the draft, but before I can do that, I have to remove the wire thingy that boosts my cell phone coverage in the basement. So, maybe tomorrow. I'm not going outside in the dark to do that.

It's so definitely creeping towards winter here. Creep, creep, creep. I really want to crank up the wood stove (but can't, because it feels like I'm stuffing dollar bills into the firepot when I do), and I really want to creep upstairs and knit happily on one of my blankets all night (but can't, because I need to send the stuff on my desk out by fedex tomorrow and I'm only halfway through).

Ah, Chris informs me that I am a grouchy, jetlagged person and I am being dispatched to bed "with the kids."

This both pleases and annoys me. "Ooh, goody! Early bedtime!" and "Hey! You ain't the boss of me!" (and also, "Okay, but you have to come tuck me in.")

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