Sunday, October 08, 2006

Does This Not Make You Hungry?

I just got an email from my Aunt regarding our planned Thanksgiving festivities. This all started because I cancelled on them for Labor Day. So I invited myself for Thanksgiving and then my brother and sister-in-law confirmed they could come and now--it's a party!

Wendy, Ryan, and Spencer are making noises about coming for Thanksgiving- that means Connie, Denny and Kyle will probably come also. I think we are up to 14 eating people (11 or 12 who will eat the turkey). I think I have the chairs handled; also the desserts: pumpkin pie, cherry pie (Connie- she got some good ones from N. MI), apple pie, and cheesecake (I made one recently and fell in love with it again). We can do a blueberry if you think we need it- or a blueberry sauce for the cheesecake. My cheesecake is very basic.

You are on for the crusts, although Connie and I do a fair job of it ourselves. Vic is getting the name of the Amish farmer for the turkey. I could find it, but he is excited about helping. I am waiting to order the turkey until I confirm Wendy and Ryan. Getting the turkey is an adventure. It is OFF a road that makes 100 N. [Ed: 100 N. is a rural gravel road] look like a 4 lane. I am thinking 1st and second generation [sleep] at the farm, 3rd and 4th at a nearby motel (I will review the options latter). Mom's room set up with 2 portacribs for naps during the day. (I have one borrowed already). That will be the quiet room during the day for all who need a quiet time. That's just my thought on first pass.

I'm so excited I could practically get up and start cooking now. But it also makes me think . . . how can I get my cousin John to come and bring *his* baby? Then we'd have all the representatives of Generation 4 there and we could get a nice picture of them all.

In the meantime, I am officially feeling (mentally) much better. Although somebody needs to please show up and take this bag of candy corn away from me. Speaking of compulsive eating, will someone please tell me how to get my miniature poodle to please leave the baby alpaca yarn alone?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Thor should meet a Mommy alpaca. This might curb his interest.

The Queen said...


Aunt Charlotte said...

Good Morning! The J's can't come-they are having the recently widowed FIL there- also Caroline. Good idea though- we will look for an oportunity. Thor could meet the angora goat ;)

kristen said...

this sounds like it will be a wonderful time!!! i'm going to be missing our family gathering in so. cal b/c we will have just gone down there a few weeks before. so we'll be doing something up here.

i look forward to hearing about all the fun you have!