Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beautiful Sunday Morning

It's sunny and cool right now, although warming up quickly. It's supposed to be back in the low 70's tomorrow and Tuesday before dropping down into the low 60's and then settling into the 50's. I love autumn on the east coast. I love the changing colors and I love the cool temps and I love how everything starts to slow down a bit. (Only two to three more weeks of football, yay! Unfortunately, they're still unbeaten--that stretches the season out another few weeks. I swear if Max were incredibly excited about their winning streak and the additional practices that I'd be there with my pom-poms on--okay, no pom poms, but I'd be cheering. But he's not. He's over it and looking forward to getting his life back when the season is over.)

Speaking of seasonal changes, I have to say that I'm really looking forward to the first week of January and the likely change in worship schedules so that our ward has the morning slot again. It's just so much easier to keep a wiggly kid reverent at 9:30 am than at 12:30 pm.

The twins have memorized their parts for the primary program. Max is still working on his part. Today is practicing for the program and then the actual program is in another two weeks. This is good. We need the remaining two weeks to get Max ready.

Work took a sudden and surprising turn on Friday. It's not bad--it's probably good for all involved, but it is a change in people I'm working with and I wish it hadn't happened a few days before I leave for California for a week to help Grandma Gaye paint her house in preparation for selling it in the spring. I had planned on bringing work anyway, and I let the other company I'm working with right now know I can't take on anything new until I get back from the trip, so the stage is set for a productive, but not overly pressured trip. But I'm still a little nervous about it and I'll feel better when I get back and can say it all got done.

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