Monday, June 04, 2007

Countdown to Summer Vacation

There are four days of school left. I don't know if I'm going to get my shawl done in time or not for the Thursday evening shindig. Ben and Milo are on summer vacation and Max desperately wants to be. I told him today that if he offered to bring in a movie for the class to watch that I was pretty sure his teacher would say yes. He did. The teacher did. What can I say? I know my peeps. They have fifteen tons of paperwork to complete and a lot of books to pack up. Max could probably run a Pixar Studios retrospective festival for the rest of the week with his teacher's blessing.

After I dropped off Max I ran over to the big garden to put up some tomato stakes after finding my stash from last year. I tied up the half dozen or so that were really in need of staking and then picked another few that looked like they were on the verge of tipping over. I had to admit that all the plants were looking gorgeous from all the rain we've been getting. More corn is coming up. The Big garden is planted and there's nothing left to do but weed, water as needed, prune suckers, and wait. While I was at the garden I decided to put an end to my tomato-addiction denial and count the plants.

Thirty-six. I have thirty-six tomato plants, including two varieties of cherry tomatoes. Charlotte and Connie--I hope we're still planning on a canning weekend somewhere. It's possible I might have a few extra (bushels of) tomatoes this year.

I didn't count the peppers yet. Too many of them are still too short for me to think they're actually going to produce anything. We'll see.

Where was I? Oh yes, the rest of the day was work and email mostly and a little bit of dishes and cleaning the kitchen. In the middle of it all were the twins who seemed intent on making sure that I got a kiss or a hug or a "I love you, Mom" frequently throughout the day. I'm such a lucky mom.

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aunt charlotte said...

So far I am free in August after NC. I am almost out of everything except whole tomatoes! Love, Aunt Charlotte