Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's On My Desk Right Now?

My desk is a jumble of little piles. I only cleaned it off two days ago, but so much grows right back.

1. A small pile of items to be filed, or things I need to do something with later. There's a copy of an email to the architecture department at Penn State proposing that they work with our school on designing a new, different playground. There's a flyer on the Fourth of July apple pie contest with a $100 first-place prize.

2. A larger pile of ancient civilization and medieval topics. I'm working on a high-school math project for 9th graders and I needed some inspiration for word problems. On top of this are the July and August budgets, now covered in scribbled notes.

3. A skein of 2nd time cotton wound into a ball, being knit up into a dishcloth when I need to do a row or two to think or the phone rings or something.

4. A craft box with the Gothic Leaf Stole bits in it. Three skeins of JaggerSpun Zephyr in Juniper and a lot of little gold beads. It's just there for motivation to work faster in case I can actually find some time to knit on it. I haven't had time in days, so I'm feeling kind of desperate at this point.

5. A cup with a spoon in it--breakfast from two days ago.

6. A hair brush.

7. A small clock that was a thank-you gift from YSCP for being the PAC Secretary this year.

8. My car keys

9. My "Flop-a-dex"

10. My laptop, the phone, a small desk lamp, a set of walkie-talkies in the charger, an Epson Stylus C88+ printer, an HP DVD burner, a ball winder.

11. Another skein of dishcloth yarn, just waiting

12. a rattle my nephew left behind. Waiting for me to find a box and mail it with his birthday present which I finished two weeks before his birthday--which was three weeks ago. I'm awful at the mailing thing. I'd really wanted to finish it the day he was here so this wouldn't happen . . . but it didn't happen.

13. Three smaller piles of papers related to the high-school math project and a reference book on algebra.

14. A small pile of papers related to the middle-school math project I'm also working on, but not today. I peek under that and find Story of the World 1.

15. A bottle of Gold Bond Body Lotion for my hands which get dry.

16. An email from a Penn State professor with instructions on how to take samples of my sick tomatoes and get them to him for testing.

17. A tiny stapler, a small jump drive, two highlighters, two black Vis-a-Vis markers (for the wipe-off calender over my desk), a purple ball-point pen that really writes in black, an orange peeler, a pile of letters waiting to be mailed, my check book, and a small pile of "Computer Chips"--little 1-hr coupons that the kids use to "buy" time on the old laptop.

18. A clipboard with the blueberry orders on it.

19. A Centre Daily Times paper from Thursday that I haven't read yet, but still intend to.

20. A Children's Dictionary

21. A diet coke

My mother-in-law's home is under contract. The closing date is less than three weeks away. Chris is flying out there in less than two weeks and will be gone for a little over two weeks. We're thrilled that her house has sold and are looking forward to getting her settled in soon.

And now I'm off to print out a blank meal plan, come up with a grocery list and take the twinks with me to go get some FOOD.

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