Monday, June 25, 2007

"You Should Blog"

"I don't know what to blog about."
"You could blog about your husband."

I thought, "I don't need to blog about my husband. My husband has his own blog." But then I thought, okay, wait, sure.

Two of the best things about today: 1) I emptied the dishwasher intending to fill it back up again but then got side tracked and the next thing I knew he was in there filling it. Yay! 2) I was having a crummy evening trying to get the budgets to work and he took his change jar and went and bought me a Meyer's Dairy milkshake. It helped.

We had a very interesting Sunday morning. It was to be a joint meeting of the University Ward and State College Ward--no Sunday school or anything--and a potluck afterwards. I thought that was pretty interesting but never suspected a thing. Apparently 19 years of membership (9 active) have taught me nothing, but in my defense, I've seemed always to arrive shortly after or left shortly before a reorganization. I've never actually been through one.

But now I have. >Poof< We've gone from State College Ward and University Ward to State College First Ward and State College Second Ward and a new University Branch that is for singles and young marrieds with no children.


They're going to build a new Chapel downtown. THAT is exciting. But not right away. Three years or so, they were saying.

So, there are all sorts of ripples related to this. The first is that boy scouts is now on Wednesday night instead of Tuesday night, which is GREAT news as far as I'm concerned because everything in this town seems to happen on a Tuesday afternoon or evening and then Max doesn't get to bed until like 10:30 and he acts up in school on Wednesday. So maybe this will help that.

The second is that virtually everyone is released from their callings and then will get recalled to do something new and I'm thinking that maybe my nice cushy calling as Food Storage person might be toast soon. Justpleasedon'tputmeinthenursery. I promise I'll answer my phone this week as long as Idon'tendupinthenursery! The babies cry. It makes ME cry. They cry MORE! It would be a bad idea.

They're doing their best to try to keep the teens from both wards together though. I think it's one of our more lightly populated age groups. So for example, the boy scouts will continue to be a joint-ward thing. I think.

We are in State College First Ward, and we get to keep the 9am slot for 6 more months. (Little aside for all the readers who aren't LDS--when more than one ward shares a building, one gets the AM slot and one gets the PM slot, and sometimes there are even three wards and it's AM, noon, and 3:30 slot. That's the worst because then even the AM slot is toooo early. Anyway, come January first, the two wards flip, so noone is stuck with the bad time for more than a year. Which time is bad depends on the age of your kids. If you have teens, it's way easier to get them to church for the noon slot. If you have littles they're cranky little critters in the afternoon and you want the morning slot. I prefer the morning slot myself.) Chris was with us this past Sunday, thank GOODNESS, because the meeting was nearly two hours in length. You had the normal Sacrament--only with people spilling far into the basketball courts. And then the Stake President's speech about the reorganization. Then releasing and calling three different Bishoprics (or two and a Branch Presidency) and then all of their testimonies. The twinks were awesome during the whole thing, managing somehow to stay far more quiet than half the kids around us (we were in the basketball court with the big families who couldn't get themselves there a half hour early to get a pew seat) but they were WIGGLY. And as long as they could hop on to our laps, hop off, and hop onto to the other parent's lap--rinse, repeat--they could be quiet. So how Chris managed to not die of boredom (or confusion) during this whole meeting, I don't know, but he didn't and because he was there, I got to hear most of it instead of herding my twin cats through the whole thing.

I love him.

So, now I'm off to bed. I need to get up early to go water the plants and then get to workwork. I'm grateful for all the workwork, but it does let the weedsweeds get ahead. Maybe tomorrow I'll remember the camera so you can all see how well the weeds tomatoes are doing. Well, honestly, both of them. The weeds and tomatoes. Both doing well.

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slawebb said...

You may be surprised. If you are really good at it they may call you to do it again. If not be prayerful about the calling. You are allowed to say that you need to pray about it before accepting a calling. That being said you also know your own limitations. Let them know if you called in the nursery. I was once given the calling to play the piano in primary. And as you may or may not know, I don't play the piano. Another time I was given a calling that gave me a migraine every week...and I was pregnant. Not so good. I asked to be released. They didn't want to do it. So I met with a member of the Bishopric. He told me that callings are given through inspiration but that I am entitled to inspiration for myself. If I didn't feel I could do the calling then they would release me. I told them I couldn't and they released me. I took flack from DH for that but it was how I felt.

Be glad you don't live in a branch. I now have 3 callings. I teach youth sunday school (tough), I'm librarian (favorite calling) and I'm RS chorister (2nd favorite calling.) the last 2 callings I had been doing unofficially since we moved here. Tough callings can be rewarding. My sunday school class, for instance. I have had the opportunity to get to know a girl (1 yr convert) who has need of support. I have been able to develop a relationship with her so that she feels there is an adult to talk to about the gospel. She goes off to BYU-Idaho and I feel that our relationship will help he get there and keep her active in the church. Another more challenging girl in my class, I have felt I have nothing in common with. She can be very disruptive too. Well last week she said my class was her favorite. I'm sure it helps I bring food and take them outside. I let them be teenagers. Sometimes I loose complete control, but other times I really think I get through to them. The spirit has guided me at times when I don't even know why I'm saying the things I am. I know that it comes from teaching the youth. Hard, yes! Totally worth it! Good luck.