Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Word from my Publicist

Before the rumors get too outrageous, I would like to clarify what did and did not happen to my client last night. First of all, the rumors of drugs and alcohol involved are absolutely not true. Besides the obvious issue that Alaska doesn't indulge in those items, and the fact that those items would not be allowed on school grounds, there's also the obvious truth that had those items been involved, Alaska would have been out cold (having no tolerance) and it wouldn't have been possible for what transpired to occur anyway.

At any rate, we reluctantly confirm that it is true that in the absence of anyone else at all stepping up to the plate, my client did accept the nomination and unanimous vote of the 6 other parents at the meeting, making her the PAC (like PTO) president of the charter school for 2007-2008.

She acknowledges that her intention to go EXPRESSLY to make sure that DIDN'T happen, backfired, and she has entered a rehabilitation facility designed to help her get back on the "Just say NO" wagon as soon as possible. She thanks her fans for their sincere prayers for the recovery of her sanity and vows that her new responsibilities will NOT require her to double or triple up her anti-anxiety medication at this time. Please respect her privacy while she works with her therapist to answer the only question still unanswered from last night's chaos, "Good Heavens, WHAT kind of a dweeb AM I?!?"


Anonymous said...


Ah, the relaxed life is just too boring.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Well, I'll be danged. You are following in the path of your grandmother, who always felt the best way to ensure your kids education was to participte. Also, sometimes mearly voting "present" is not an option. Congratulations! I am proud of you for stepping up to the plate.

PupDaddy said...

I am SO going to hum "Hail the Chief" every time you walk into a room.


kristen said...

oh my dog! you wild woman you!

a similar thing happened to me in september when it was time to sign irene up for girl scouts...i had gone fervently knowing that i was going to "just say no" to being the leader...and suddenly i was the leader. amazing how it happens when you're sure it's not going to. heh heh.

great good luck to you.

Deb said...

As one who happily carries the moniker of "past president" of a PTO, I fully understand your situation. I recommend getting a cliff notes version of "Robert's Rules of Order", because reading through the full-blown version of the book would truly be a reason to get additional medication and/or therapy. : )

When your time is up as PAC president, I recommend the following strategies, which have served me well this year:
1. Don't attend the meeting where they are searching for nominations to the board.
2. If you do attend the meetings, excuse yourself (bathroom break) for an extended period of time.
3. If you happen to be in the room, pretend your lips are glued shut and sit on your hands.
4. Recruit your friends to remind you that you are TOO BUSY to take on that responsibility.

And yes, I had to do all 4 of those this year to make sure I didn't foolishly tackle that again. Don't get me wrong .. it was a GREAT learning experience for me, and I'm sure it will be for you as well. Plus you have the added benefit of your teaching experience, which gives you an instant understanding of how schools function. And the kids intuitively understand the importance of schooling when they see their parents so involved in the success of the school.

Here's my best piece of advice: DELEGATE! Being president doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself. Share the joy with the other parents. :)

Dy said...

*giggle* Well, life was probably getting a little too sedate, anyway, right? Think of this as, um, shock therapy for introverts. :-)

{{hugs}} You'll do a fantastic job, just as you to with any endeavor you undertake. (And I like that Chris has given you your own theme song for grand entrances. That's pretty cool.)