Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bounty in the Front Yard

OK, Lots of Photos--Few words. I'm still working on that algebra lesson.

wild flowers

The sour cherry tree. Grows bigger and bigger no matter how savagely I cut it back. It was nothing more than a twig just two summers ago.

The jalepenos

Three different squashes, beans . . . mint, too.

The volunteer tomato that is clearly a hybrid of the grape tomatoes and one of the russian varieties from last year. It's wedged itself in next to the front steps.

This mostly shows the failure of the onion sets. I put out several dozen and most went to seed. The third section there (bottom of frame) is mostly for lettuce, but it's too hot here for the lettuce now and it all bolts. So I'm letting another volunteer tomato (that's the fifth out of five volunteers I let live. There were many dozens more than that that came up) have that spot--albeit without support since I'm out stakes, cages, and money. The sunflowers also have that spot and one of the two jalepenos have that area (the other being with all the other hot and sweet peppers over at the community garden). We have, um, 35 tomatoes altogether. That includes five volunteers, two varieties of cherry tomatoes (at home here), one Mr. Stripey at home here (which is shaded and has yet to produce fruit) and all the rest are at the community garden. At some point I'll photograph and do a post on just the tomatoes.

The thriving and extremely abundant Blondkopfchen. I ate its first ripe tomato this morning--tiny, brilliant, yellow, and sweet.

butternut squash

the twins' sunflower project

There. I think that's really all the photos.

One more of Emily:

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