Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Was Today Wednesday?

Because it hit us here at this house like a ton of bricks.

See, for weeks now, Gaye, Chris, and I (that would be Chris, Chris's Mom, and me) have been trying to get her place sold and her moved out here. We've been through one wingnut offer that fell through after we'd already made plane reservations for Chris to go out there. (I say "we" because we all wanted this to work out so badly, but of course it was hardest on Gaye.)

We went through more weirdage last week. But then finally, finally, finally today all the papers were signed, the pest inspection is tomorrow already--everything will move horrifically rapidly now--Chris goes out there to pack up the rest of her belongings on Tuesday and stay through closing (::counts on fingers) less than two weeks away.

So today was about making plane reservations for Chris, reservations for Gaye, reservations for a moving truck, getting preapproval letters for the house search out here, and in general there were ten thousand phone calls back and forth (thankfully, most with 800 #s) and in the middle of it all--I totally forgot Max's piano lesson. When I realized it was when the lesson was hours before and I felt--I felt the size of a flea.

Nevertheless, I got the twins off to their lesson on time (this is much easier as their lesson is at the same time on the same day each week. For a variety of reasons, that's just not possible with Max's lessons this summer.) and wrote the piano teacher a heartfelt apology and then came home and we ate and talked more about plans for the move.

I have a feeling it will be pretty much The Moving Mom show for the next few weeks. I canned up another 9 quarts of pinto beans today and I think that will have to be it for a few weeks until things settle back down.

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Aunt Charlotte said...

The moving Mom and the SPINNING! Yea! don't forget that little interlude.