Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Evening

Busy day, but by the end of it I was feeling a little more settled about things. Church was amazing--the topic was people's conversion stories--not just people who weren't born in the church but converted for whatever reason, but also the stories of folks born and raised in the church who talked about finding their own testimony. It all made me cry, but was good stuff.

Pictures from earlier in the week:

Canning pintos:

These are the Morning Glories. My Dad used to enjoy growing them and I've wanted to plant them forever, but this was the first year I actually did. They're fun and not too hard to grow, but they definitely need water.

Here's the Classic Baby Cardigan from Vogue Spring/Summer 2007. I used KnitPicks' Shine Sport in Apricot.

The color is most true in this picture. I found the buttons at Michael's. Ben picked them out.


Dot said...

Your morning glory colors are beautiful. Here in TX, I have the wild, blue ones. However, they can completely cover any surface, and are virtually impossible to get rid of. Sort of a Texas version of kudzu.

Aunt Charlotte said...

Love the sweater! It came out beautifully! What is the yarn?

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful job, Alaska!