Saturday, July 14, 2007

I started off the day with an hour in the community garden. I meant to take pictures while I was there but I got started with working and then at the end of the hour Max and Emily were getting impatient with my constantly asking them for just a few more minutes--and I had to hurry out of there. In fact, I hurried so much I left the camera IN the garden. Chris had to go back for it later.

The rest of the day I spent either in the kitchen or the living room, trying to get pizza dough made for tomorrow night's dinner, the living room clean because--well, because it was a mess--and finishing up the blueberry jam. Chris brought me strawberries for my birthday, so then I made strawberry jam--which is Max's favorite.

At this point it feels like much has been accomplished but I need to scrape together a little more energy and confirm that we all have something to wear for church tomorrow--and probably do a load of laundry for those of us that don't.

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