Thursday, October 06, 2005

Da Da Dum!!!

I'm printing out emails for a work project I'm involved in. This means sitting on the floor of Chris' garage because, um, I don't get a wireless signal at my own desk (oh no, this is a GOOD thing).

He's watching LOTR 75.

I've never actually seen any of the thousands of minutes of these three films and don't intend to start now, but it does have a magnificent movie score.

Da da dum dum da dum!

Okee, here is a mitten. A likely victim of second mitten syndrome -- it's just a wee bit too wrong. It's too tight. It needed a bigger set of needles for the main part -- but hey, the next try will knit up even faster and it was just a few hours of work.

Bookshelves and jars. This is the only room I didn't paint. I have the paint, I just haven't gotten to it yet and I guess it will be spring now before I do.

Matching chairs

dresser in Blues Clues room that, um, yeah, still needs drapes. Hey! I have a year.

Okay, this movie is getting to the point where I shouldn't be watching it any more, so off to punch holes in my emails, stick them in a binder, and go to bed.


Eliza said...

Now that's some cannin'! I mean, I read about it and all but when you look at it there all pretty looking it's just so much more real!

PuppDaddy said...

It's not just pretty. The salsa, the tomato soup, is to to die for. Boys like the jams. Add all this to her homemade bread, or homemade tortillas. . . mmmm. Hungry now.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention the minion minding fee? Levys must be paid in Salsa.

The Queen said...

'k but you gotta get your own chips, Whole Foods boy.