Saturday, October 01, 2005

While I'm Blogging About Knitting

Yesterday I finally did weave in all the loose ends on those soaker pants. Lacking any confidence that the waistband would fit the child for whom I'd knitted them, I decided to wash and block them and then send them to Sarah, (who commented below about waiting for her son to make his appearance. She had that "trying to be patient but not really succeeding" sound to her voice, so maybe he's here by now).

I don't often block the stuff I knit. I didn't really GET how that was supposed to go until I saw a bit on it on the Yarn Harlot's website (this O key is KILLING ME) and suddenly the light came on.

So this time I washed and blocked and WOW! It really, really finishes the piece. DUH. See? You can knit for 15 years and really have no clue what you're doing (not that socks, mittens, and most scarves require much in the way of blocking, kwim?) So I feel better about those pants.

The kid I'd originally knit the soakers for though still will need some soakers. Good thing I have way too much of that yarn.


Slawebb said...

Nope still not here. But I am finally having contractions so hopefully but hopefully by the end of Sunday night. I'll let you know.

The Queen said...

oh how exciting!!!!!