Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The DaVinci Code Review

by Aunt Charlotte.

"Went to the "DaVinci Code" last evening. (Inserts excuse for taking time off from her knitting.) I enjoyed it. Good action adventure, which means it was entertaining and pretty tame for me to like it. The REAL mystery of the "DaVinci Code", is how a woman, no matter how petite and cute, could run (and she ran!) around the streets of Paris and London, around a castle, get knocked around a bit and knock people around a bit, run up and down stairs in very old churches, IN FOUR INCH HEALS! (with no panty hose). Now, they were sensible four (that's 4) inch heals, not stilettos, but still. And the action started around 10pm, so presumably she worked all day, and the movie ended with her STANDING, chatting with people. And the shoes looked very good at the end- no scuffs. I tripped on the stairs in the movie theatre in clogs! Now figure that one out!"

And that was MY laugh for the day :) Makes me want to see the movie though, and I had no desire to before this.

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Writing and Living said...

Roger Ebert could learn a thing or two from your Aunt Charlotte. That's the best movie review I've read in a while. Except for Chris's, that is.

I've got it! "Chris and Aunt Charlotte at the Movies." Sounds like a great show.