Monday, January 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

After a rather inauspicious start (I ripped out two hat attempts before getting this one mostly right) I have two hats done and one to go. Ben wants one now. The hat on Chris' head is the Halfdome, knit mostly to direction, although I went bigger on it than written because a) Chris has a big head and b) it's much colder here than in San Francisco. The hat Milo has follows the same basic pattern, but I did it in the round and in Manos del Uruguay, color 51. Chris' hat is Berrocco Ultra Alpaca--a yarn we both love, even though it's only 50% alpaca (Cynthia at my LYS worried that 100% alpaca would stretch out). I'm hoping to use all the leftovers to make some fingerless mittens or something.

I've been working as usual, although things are lighter than I like them. March is going to suck financially. But with some time freed up here and there I have also been crossing things off my lengthy to-do list. I applied for my passport! That's a first. I'm going to Canada for the IRA conference in May (that's, um, the reading association, not the Irish Republicans).

I also discovered that I never got birth certificates for the twins. I don't know how this escaped me, but it did. So I had to order some so I can register them for kindergarten. I think now I just have to get them a bunch of shots to finish the packet. I should start making appointments since I wanted to spread those out.

My new laptop arrives tomorrow. Thank goodness. Off to shop for groceries!

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