Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Evening

I have to make this short as I've promised myself an early bedtime tonight.

My little sister was here all week. I had to work most of the time that she was here but managed to get a few hours with her on Tuesday, most of the afternoon on Wednesday, and all day on Thursday. We signed Max out of school on an educational outing and took the boys to Washington D.C. to the National Zoo. We'd hoped to get to more of the Smithsonian, but the travel time alone was more than we had expected. I hope to go again soon, but the ideal way to do the Smithsonian from here would be to go for a weekday, spend the night in a hotel, and go back for a second weekday, before pointing the car home again.

After the zoo, I took her over to my brother's house in Baltimore (who, having no warning that I was bringing the three boys and coming for dinner, provided us with a huge Boston Market dinner. It was good!). We had a brief visit with them, but it was really wonderful (in a "I can't believe how far we walked today and now I am too tired for meaningful conversation" kind of way) to have all four of us (brother, sister, sister-in-law, and self) at the table.

We left there at 8:00 and got home at almost exactly 11:00. We'd left the house at 8:15 am and I was just wasted tired all day today. I got lots of things done, but but very little work, no matter how hard I tried. (I was at the computer from 10am to 3pm, TRYING to get work done, but there were just not enough synapses participating.) I'll be working tomorrow to make up for it.

I update my UFO's and FO's in my sidebar and discovered . . . wow, I have WAY too much on the needles. I finished two baby sweaters in the last few days and need to get the one in the mail and the other off to the yarn store. Chris' sock continues to come along. But I can't work on it exclusively. I'll go crazy. I decided to put my afghan upstairs in a canvas bag to work on when I can. The sock is traveling around in the poodle bag, which means it goes everywhere with me. I have another 5 inches to go on it, so it should be with me at Monday's School Board meeting when we learn the fate of YSCP's middle grades. I hope that's good luck.

More later this weekend on resolutions and the like :)

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