Friday, January 12, 2007

I Don't Have the Exact Diagnosis

But I'm pretty sure that whatever is wrong with my computer is terminal. In this moment though, with one item turned in and the other due in 40 minutes and it having chosen this moment to slow the heck down to nearly nothing, I am possessed of a very strong urge to hasten its demise with a baseball bat.

(The screen no longer functions, it occasionally shuts itself down with no warning, it has these work slooooooooowwwwwwdoooooooowwwwnnns with no warning or explanation, and when I shut if off it sometimes acts like it can't remember how and when I turned it on this morning it made a noise I didn't think a computer could make. More like a credit card in a blender than a $1,200 piece of electronics.)

I will grant you that I ask a great deal of my computer. It is on nearly every day and it is on for a good 15 hours straight. It has virtually no battery function left and as I mentioned, no screen. I have, at this moment, 7 separate applications running and I need them all to do this !@#$% assignment. My 1 gig of RAM is struggling under the load.

But still! I want to talk encouragingly to it and instead all that comes out is, "You better not flippin' DIE until I get your replacement and get all the *&^%$# financial data transferred!"

Deep breath. In through nose, out through mouth, haaaaaaaaa. >choke< >sputter<



slawebb said...

sending positive computer thoughts for you. (((hugs)))

Barbara said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Hugs & computer hang-in-there vibes being sent!

My main computer didn't turn on for four days (a crotchety switch, is all). It would've been a disaster except that I'd been using a handmedown laptop, and could make do in most regards. Finally started really missing various files etc.; dear husband did his tech thing and helped it, but I really really really need to make a current backup and depart that computer. Yikes.

Here's hoping you can eke out what you need and that the time of transition is more smooth and stressfree than you can imagine.

kristen said...

oh dear, dear alaska - i hope that it held out for you. never do computers die on, say, a wednesday when nothing important is due or being done...never.