Monday, January 08, 2007


My stomach is STILL tied up in knots and hurting from the stress, BUT

Tonight the State College school board approved the expansion of Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania's charter from K-5 to K-8, adding one additional grade a year over the next three years. Max's fifth grade class will be the first 6th grade class, the first 7th grade class, and the first 8th grade class.

And Ben and Milo and Max will attend the same school, together, for three whole years. I'm am so thrilled. I am beyond thrilled.

Max's teacher asked me if I wanted to measure his feet for the socks I owe him :) I told him I have to finish Chris' socks first, but I'll let him know when I need the measurements ;)


Writing and Living said...

Hurrah! I'm so happy for you! Good news!

slawebb said...

Congratulations!! That's wonderful news!

Aunt Charlotte said...

That's great news! And I had no problem getting to the comments- must have been my old computer.

PupDaddy said...

There must be a name for that somewhere, knitting socks for another man. Knitt'nfidelity?

The Queen said...

Oh, right, this from a guy who waggles his feet at me on Christmas Day to show me the snazzy new wool socks from cousin Wendy and asks, "Does it upset you that I'm wearing socks from another woman?"