Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Morning

It wasn't a resolution, but I've been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier and that is working out generally better. The twins go to bed earlier and get up earlier when I do this--actually, the whole family does. Max is the only one who is trailing. He's staying up too late reading and then having a difficult sloth-like morning in which he is constantly harrassed to please hurry up.

I think I need to look to some other time of the day for his piano practice. This is tough as evenings can vary so much from day to day and if piano isn't at the same time each day, it doesn't work.

I don't think the slot before breakfast is working out though. It's not enough time and there aren't enough of his brain cells attending the practice. 7:00 pm. It's as good and as bad a time as any. We'll try that. His extended school day doesn't allow for afternoon practice.

Today reads like a page out of someone else's journal. I'm scheduled to leave the house for a reason that doesn't involve my kids! I have a monthly knitting class to attend this year and immediately following that, a PAC meeting. I guess the PAC meeting kind of involves the kids in that I wouldn't be going or a member if the kids weren't there . . . but they won't be with me.

I also have Max's piano lesson this afternoon.

Which means that I need to get all my workwork done by, um, 3pm. I'd better get started. I used the early start on Monday and Tuesday to get work done, but this morning I used it to pay the bills and balance the checkbook, so--off to work.


Dy said...

Ok, I've wasted waayyy too much time trying this. How did you get your doll to look so much like you? I seem to be missing some elusive element b/c mine go from small asian schoolgirl to large x-files guest alien and I can't find the right combo. (Unless I do look like an x-files alien and am in denial, which is a possibility.)


The Queen said...

I didn't do it at all :) Chris did it. (He's the visual arts guy, I make a better stage manager.) One night after drinking diet Pepsi WAY later than he should, he stayed up and spent an hour making a doll that looked like his wife (albeit, one already at her weight goal). Then he mailed it to me and all I had to do was post it.

So have Zorak do it. I promise you he spends more time really LOOKING at your face than you do. If Zorak won't play, ask your boys to help. If the finished doll doesn't look exactly like you, it might at least look the way they see you and that works, too.

Dy said...

Oh, that's a cool idea. I don't think I've *looked* at my face in a long time. It was a little depressing last time, so, well, avoidance works. :-)

The boys just came in and saw me fiddling with it and they want to make some of their own, too. Maybe I can talk 'em into trying to make Mom when they're done w/ theirs. Thanks! (BTW, Chris did an amazing job!)


PupDaddy said...

Dy, you just send me a pic and I'll make it happen. I have a "Tab" energy drink here waiting for an excuse to keep me up all night. It will be very easy though, if you alreayd look like an Asian schoolgirl. :)