Tuesday, January 30, 2007


For the time being Tuesdays are very busy. Tuesdays start with me getting up early and trying to get in two hours of work before I get everyone else up. Then it's Chris and Max off to Max's school and I herd the twins into the Blue Truck and we go off to swimming. Into the YMCA changing rooms for a quick hop into their swim suits and into the water. Their lessons are in the super heated ultra-chlorinated therapy pool, which we're not allowed to be in, but there are chairs set up outside therapy pool--on the deck of the regular pool. And we can sit there and watch the lessons. I sit and knit and keep one eye on the lessons. I find my own kids cute and mostly fun to watch.

Then it's out of the pool and into the handicap shower which has the handheld shower head (DON'T point that at mommy, mommy is DRY and wants to stay that way!) where the boys get a shampoo and rinse. From there they shiver in their towels while I dry their hair and then it's off to the lockers to change back into civilian clothes.

We went from the Y to the bank to the dairy this morning. Then it was back home to get packages and off to the Post Office. I mailed off a book to Dad, sunglasses to my sister, and another book to a client. Back home, I started setting up the new computer. First, uninstall all the unwanted crap unnecessary programs. Then, install the necessary programs. Fight with the email program. Fight some more. Resort to yelling at new computer. (Astonishingly, this worked!) Use browser to find my blog and Chris's blog. Bookmark these.

Realize with horror that new computer will require rebuilding all of my bookmarks! Shut off computer and go into denial.

Grab knitting, Max's ski stuff and boyscout stuff, call Chris and nervously inquire when he'll be getting home because I'm worried about being late. He comes home. I hop in still running car. Off to school. Make sure all the kids are picked up and taken over to the ski place. Pick up Max and chastise him for forgetting his ski ticket thingy. Run home and get ski ticket thingy. Get back to ski lodge. Get him dressed and off to ski class.

Get other stragglers dressed and off to ski class. Count noses. All kids and chaperones on slopes. All good. Head to upstairs portion of lodge. Find spot near the fire and next to the window. Discover I can sit and knit and watch Max's ski class!

Feel very, very happy about this.

Watch snow come down harder.
And harder.
And harder.

Realize that 98% of kids on slopes today have GOGGLES. My kid doesn't. We don't own goggles. Go down to ski shop and buy son goggles. Feel really blessed that supervisor added $ to my last invoice so there was extra $ in the budget today. Take goggles out on slopes, find son, son is thrilled with goggles.

Go back to spot near fire next to the window. Knit some more.

Watch son ride up hill. Ski down hill. Ride up hill. Ski down hill. Sun goes down. Boys still going up hill, down hill, up hill, down hill. Some kids are coming in now, but in the end Max and Otis are the last two kids from our group to come in. It is very cold and very windy now.

Count noses, determine all the kids are where they should be, take son home for quick dinner. Beg husband to take son to boy scouts as I'm starting to feel permanently chilled.

Turn on new computer. Open browser to read blogs.

Remember about the bookmarks.



Elizabeth said...

Is the old computer totally dead? Because if it can still get online you could go to http://del.icio.us/ and have your bookmarks uploaded (I think) and then get your new computer to sync up and it'd be all done. At least I think that would work.

Risha said...


'cause I know it was really MY that you were most worried about being able to read.

Wouldn't it help if I actually posted more often?

The Queen said...

OOh, thank you! I'd lost your bookmark when I switched over from reading through AOL to reading through Firefox.

I got the rest of my firefox bookmarks back today by getting a freebie program called Mozbackup. It'll save your profile in a zipfile. As much or as little of it as you want. I didn't see the point in bringing over all the cookies, but I brought the passwords and bookmarks. Then you email the file to yourself at your new computer, install the program over there, and use the program to open the file. Ta-da! FBorFW.com is back on my toolbar and all my gazillion bookmarks are back.