Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gardening Progress

This is going to be a LOT shorter than planned because the thunder storm is messing with my connection.

Anyway, I went over to the big garden plot again today to work some more on the battle against the weeds. (Chris has given me a new Native American name: Many Weeds. That is officially my NA name for the summer.) Here it is, about a half hour into things.

I weeded and weeded and weeded. About two wheelbarrows full of these guys.

Then I roughed out the rest of the paths. There will be four biggish sections. Two each for corn, four for tomatoes, one for Max's watermelon plant, one for a couple of squashes. There will be four smaller sections that will have a variety of peppers and bush beans. Tomorrow morning I'll go back and clean up the paths some, plant the bush beans, and generally tidy. Then there's nothing to do but keep fighting the weed battle and wait till things have warmed up enough to PLANT THE TOMATOES!!! and everything else, too. But really, by September my name will no longer be Many Weeds, but rather, um, something catchy involving tomatoes.

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