Thursday, May 03, 2007

::Happy Sigh::

Oh, that was so much fun. It was like we had an Internet party for my shawl and everybody came!

I've been checking accuweather faithfully and I'm tentatively setting next Thursday as the tomato transplant date. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and stay that way for a couple of weeks starting, well, today. (Which is good because I promised myself I'd get out there today and do the first spring mowing.) I'm going to dig out the twinks shorts and some tennis balls for Emily and we'll make it a Very Nice Day to Be Outdoors.

Here are some photos from a few days ago. We were working on our Mother's Day project for this year.

Emily says she needs a haircut. And a ball.
I taught the twins to master braking on the hill leading from our house to the school.
Milo setting things right after a crash in the grass.
Chris practicing on his unicycle.
No pictures of Max from this day. He was playing with a friend.

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Dy said...

Oh, I missed the unveiling of The Shawl!! But I did go down to see it, and it's GORGEOUS. I'd never thought of a shawl. Well, not since I was 12 and very into the whole Pioneer Woman thing. But I had a bonnet that year, too. Um, ok, and now I'm starting to sound weird. But that SHAWL! It makes me want to go out on the porch in the crisp spring evening air... and... *sigh* It's lovely. (And you have the prettiest eyes, did you know that?)

LOVE the work you've done on the garden! Way to go!

Emily seems so HUGE now. She grew really fast, and I still feel like she should be smaller. Huh. Funny, that.