Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Evening

Pukey McPoodleface is lying by my feet sighing dramatically and passing methane every few minutes or so. Thanks to the wonders of Immodium, she hasn't dyed my carpet any new colors since the wee hours of the morning, but the girl is NOT herself.

I've cut the duration of my stay in Canada in half in order to accomodate May's stringent budget, but I do still have to go for a little while, so today I covered both gardens in straw in hopes that everything will survive the coming frost and I washed about 300 cubic feet of laundry so that none of my children will go naked while I'm gone. Nevertheless, I'm not packed. I don't even know which knitting project to bring (speaking of which, the third of four 2nd cousins was born this past week and is doing well. She is also a girl and she officially puts me three baby girl sweaters behind in my knitting. So maybe I should bring the almost-finished baby girl sweater and finish it--except that sounds like it will require a lot of concentration--the finishing part--and I think I should go with something that is mostly straight stockinette).

You know, I really am blessed. I spend an extraordinary amount of time with my husband (since we both work out of the house) and I never think it's too much. I never wish he'd go get a different job, just to get him out of the house. I'm not saying there aren't moments when I'm not tempted to thwap him on the head, because of course there are. He's a mouthy guy and I'm a woman with a temper. But most of the time I think he's funny and I'm awfully glad to have him around to get to all the things in high places. I feel the same way about my children. I love Saturdays and the extra hours with the kids. I love Tuesday and Thursdays because the twins DON'T go to preschool. I love the days when Max DOESN'T have extended day more than the days when he does. This time period -- two almost-kindergardeners and an almost-6th-grader--it rocks. Three basically happy young people, trying their best, seeing every glass as half-full--and I get to witness it and cheer them on. I'm really grateful for that.

A special Happy Mother's Day to my sister-in-law, for whom this is her first Mother's Day. Her baby walked this week and my what a big boy he suddenly seems. That first year goes so fast. She seems like she's always been a Mom now--funny how you aren't--and then you are. And you don't look back. So congratulations, K. I think you're a really great Mom.

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